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A/c's Payable Integration

Eliminate Manual Inv Entry

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Buy Link's Purchase to Payment solution

 Manage the complete Purchase to Payment cycle within one solution

  • Our Purchase to Payment solution is offered under a license agreement for a fixed monthly fee allowing you to manage and control your complete purchasing function, improve and streamline invoice processing and supplier payment for unlimited geographically dispersed locations from a centralized head office.
  • Locations are setup with trading cost centres under one, or unlimited Parent companies with each trading cost centre allocated to trade with one specific supplier type, ie. Chemicals, Medical, Maintenance, Food, Labour Hire.
  • We will badge your solution with your logo on all screens enabling you to market your Purchase to Payment solution as your own proprietary system while hosted on our servers.
  • You then have a fully functional Purchase to Payment solution electronically linking your suppliers, location cost centres, and head office Accounts Payable for the transfer and processing of electronic Product Catalogues files, Purchase Order files, Purchase Order Response files, Invoice Files, Credit Request files, Credit Note files, and Product Image files coupled with automated chart of account code allocation to each invoice, combining a full suite of management reports.
  • No more tedious error prone manual data entry of invoices .....