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Our License Holders

Listed below is a sample of License Holders that utilise the Buy Link software to better manage their purchasing and accounts payable processing cycle.



Allity is an Aged Care provider that operates 44 facilities nationally through Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, & South Australia with a collective experience of management that makes Allity one of the most respected and established providers within Australian Aged Care.


Bluecross Residential & Community Services:

Bluecross is an Aged Care provider that operates 24 facilities across Victoria and is recognised as a leader in best practice in the delivery of community and residential services.


Cater Care:

Cater Care is an industry leader with a national profile in contract catering, accommodation and facility management across a wide variety of markets and business types, industrial, retail, education, Government, health, remote mining, offshore gas & oil sites, Retirement Living and Aged Care. 


Eclectic Taste:

Eclectic Taste is an independently owned restaurant venue providing hospitality and catering services.