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The benefits of processing invoices via OCR

  • Defining the average cost of processing an invoice from Purchase to Payment is difficult to determine as every business includes different cost components in the Purchase to Payment cycle.
  • Cost studies undertaken to-date show a range of cost results, but a consistent return is from $4.00 per invoice for best of practice with advanced automation & OCR (Optical Character Recognition), $9.60 with low/partial automation, through to $23.00 with no automation.
  • The biggest stumbling block to accomplishing any form of Accounts Payable automation is a continued reliance on paper based invoices, and people based processing.
  • Labour costs typically consume 60-65% of total Accounts Payable costs. By contrast the efficiencies that can be gained by OCR automation in Accounts Payable processing are dramatic by any measure...
    • Process 100% of invoices - hand written and computer generated invoices 
    • 90-95% reduction in paper - environmental  impact
    • Document storage - secure document and data storage
    • Reduction in physical document storage space required - efficiency gains &  cost savings
    • Invoice original archiving - secure, easily accessible document reference
    • Reduction in invoice processing time - take advantage of prompt payment discounts
    • Up to 25% improvement in labour costs and productivity - efficiency gains and cost savings
    • Faster invoice payment approvals - reduces the number of days to process an invoice 
    • No lost invoices - cost & time savings in requesting copy invoices
    • No invoices paid twice - cost & efficiency savings
    • Accurate accruals - reliable reporting  
    • 24/7 visibility of invoice status - more immediate management  decisions
    • Seamless workflow integration - work flow efficiency